We are continually working to improve our technical support and customer service departments so that we can better meet our customer needs. This page has be designed to give answers about our network status, your technical issues that have not been resolved, or just to get feedback from you how we can better the service you are paying for.

Our network design
Servers in our cluster.
Terms Of Service





Here at Cyber-Core.Net, we take backing up our network very serious. It is a crucial part of our everyday agenda to insure that our entire network is backed up once a day.Services include:

  • Managed Tape Backup–backs up data to tape during a scheduled backup window
  • Non-Disruptive Backup–a copy of the data is created within the storage array and is broken off from the live environment so it is backed-up to tape while the live data remains available virtually anytime
  • Cyber-Core.Net–replicates your data environment and may be used for version control and to create test environments





  • Initial configuration help and consultation.
  • Advice and troubleshooting for all preinstalled software issues.





  • Security patch installation
  • Linux Kernel version upgrades
  • PHP enhancements & upgrades
  • Apache enhancements & upgrades
    Installation of basic modules

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